Our Corporate Lawyers

As a leading offshore corporate law firm, our team of corporate solicitors and lawyers specialise in providing comprehensive legal solutions for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Our experienced offshore corporate lawyers offer a wide range of advice in corporate and commercial law, with particular expertise and focus on financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, capital markets, joint ventures, fintech, insurance and investment funds.

We understand the uniqueness of working in the offshore sector and are committed to providing customised solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether a multinational corporation or a small business, we have the knowledge and commercial acumen required as an offshore corporate law firm of choice to ensure clients achieve their goals and receive the legal support they need to succeed.

Offshore Corporate Law

The laws, rules, regulations and practices that govern the formation and operation of corporations are complex. Our talented, experienced and solution driven team is committed to delivering the highest possible level of client service and regularly work together across our global locations to provide expert multi-jurisdictional advice.

We have offices in ten highly regarded, well-regulated global locations and practise the laws of eight jurisdictions. Our office locations include the key international jurisdictions of Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Mauritius, and the Seychelles, as well as the international financial centres of Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Corporate Services

  • Banking & Asset Finance

    Our banking and asset finance team are experienced in all aspects of law relating to banking, ship and aircraft registration and finance, asset backed finance and project and infrastructure finance.

  • Corporate Finance

    Appleby’s multi-jurisdictional team of expert corporate finance lawyers and solicitors advise some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions and corporations on all aspects of international corporate finance law.

  • Derivatives

    Our experienced team advise on an extensive range of over the counter, exchange-traded and centrally cleared derivatives transactions across all asset classes. We also provide advice on capacity, authority, enforceability and insolvency matters in relation to offshore counterparties. We are also counsel to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) in Bermuda and provide netting opinions in Bermuda and the Isle of Man.

  • Fund Finance

    As the number of fund financing products increases and fund structures become more bespoke, our experienced team of fund finance lawyers are experts in advising banks, funds and finance providers in the development of sophisticated financing solutions. Whether lending requirements are in the tens of millions or billions, our fund finance lawyers in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Jersey and Mauritius are perfectly placed to assist.

  • Fund Governance

    Our Fund Governance Advisory team advise investment funds and private equity fund boards, general partners, trustees, independent directors and non-executive directors, regarding their responsibilities, duties, obligations and liabilities collectively and individually.

  • Funds & Investment Services

    The offshore funds market has grown dramatically in recent years and Appleby’s funds lawyers are at the forefront of this development. Our Funds and Investment Services team advises clients on a wide range of services in relation to hedge funds, mutual funds, other collective investment schemes and a wide range of financial products.

  • Insurance & Reinsurance

    Global (re)insurance is a dynamic and ever-changing industry, responding to emerging and existing challenges, including major catastrophe losses, varying risk appetites, volatile investment markets and changes to regulatory practices. Insurance and reinsurance companies seeking greater strategic value in order to meet their growth objectives in this evolving climate have found success working with Appleby as their global (re)insurance law firm.

  • Intellectual Property

    One of the most valuable assets of any business in the twenty first century is its know-how and intellectual property. All businesses need to be aware of the intellectual property they are generating, how to protect it and how to use it to their commercial advantage. Recognising the issues affecting businesses, governments, research institutes, individual inventors, artists and authors, we are well placed to advise clients in all areas of intellectual property law.

  • Islamic Finance

    We recognise the importance of the development of Islamic Finance and it is a key global focus for our business.

  • Listing Services

    Our listing team is highly regarded for their expertise in supporting initial public offerings (IPOs), introductions, placements and subsequent listings of both equity and debt securities of Bermuda, BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Isle of Man Jersey, Mauritius and Seychelles companies on the world’s major exchanges.

    In addition our Hong Kong team has extensive expertise in supporting offshore companies with IPOs on the Hong Kong, US, Singapore and many other internationally recognised stock exchanges.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    Our mergers and acquisitions lawyers work on a broad range of M&A transactions, from single jurisdiction transactions to complex multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary deals, across a wide range of sectors, including regulated sectors. As one of the best mergers and acquisitions law firms in the offshore sector, our clients include major private equity and venture capital funds, listed companies (including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies), financial services businesses, tech companies and other large privately-owned businesses and investment companies.

  • Technology & Innovation

    Technological innovation is transforming businesses, markets and our everyday life. The Appleby multi-disciplinary global technology and innovation group comprises experts from each of our 10 offices to help businesses meet the new challenges and support clients across a broad range of emerging technologies.  The group is ranked Tier 1 by Chambers Global, noting that “the expertise of all the advisers at Appleby is at an extremely high level”.

  • Real Estate Finance

    As the world’s largest asset class, the real estate market remains dynamic and continually evolving, driven by influential factors such as globalisation, technology advancements, urbanisation and demography converging.

    Gain invaluable insight to navigate the intricate landscape of real estate finance law with the help of Appleby’s team of expert real estate lawyers.

  • Structured Finance

    Structuring sophisticated financial products requires a deep understanding of structured finance law and the regulatory environment in which prospective issuers, investors and other market participants operate. Our talented, experienced and solution driven structured finance law firm team is committed to delivering the highest possible level of client service and regularly work together across our global locations to provide expert multi-jurisdictional advice.

Key Contacts

Brad Adderley

Managing Partner: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3243
E Email Brad

Sailaja Alla

Partner: Cayman Islands

T +1 345 814 2054
E Email Sailaja

Jeremy Berchem

Group Partner*: Guernsey

T +44 (0)1481 755 601
E Email Jeremy

Alan Bossin

Partner, Chief Operating Officer: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3536
E Email Alan

Tom Brook

Partner: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 624
E Email Tom

David Bulley

Managing Partner, Head of Restructuring and Corporate: Hong Kong, Shanghai

T +852 6201 3662
E Email David

Matthew Carr

Partner: Bermuda

T +1 441 298-3594
E Email Matthew

Fiona Chan

Partner: Hong Kong

T +852 2905 5760
E Email Fiona

Vincent Chan

Partner: Hong Kong

T +852 2905 5759
E Email Vincent

Chris Cheng

Partner: Hong Kong

T +852 2905 5719
E Email Chris

Peter Colegate

Partner: Cayman Islands

T +1 345 814 2745 | +1 345 324 0504
E Email Peter

Matthew Ebbs-Brewer

Partner, Head of Funds & Investment Services: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3226
E Email Matthew

Tim Faries

Partner: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3216
E Email Tim

James Gaudin

Managing Partner: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 337
E Email James

Simon Harding

Partner: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 652
E Email Simon

Adam Johnson

Partner: Cayman Islands

T +1 345 814 2983
E Email Adam

Andrew Jowett

Group Partner: BVI, Jersey

T +1 (284) 393 5316
E Email Andrew

Christophe Kalinauckas

Partner: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 193
E Email Christophe

Jeffrey Kirk

Managing Partner: BVI

T +1 284 393 5318
E Email Jeffrey

Norman Klein

Managing Partner: Cayman Islands

T +1 345 814 2050
E Email Norman

Clive Langley

Partner: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3202
E Email Clive

Judy Lee

Partner: Hong Kong

T +852 2905 5737
E Email Judy

Jacob MacAdam

Partner: Cayman Islands

T +1 345 814 2016
E Email Jacob

Garry Manley

Partner: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 638
E Email Garry

Iain Millar

Group Partner: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 251
E Email Iain

Claire Milne WS

Partner: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 698
E Email Claire

Malcolm Moller

Group Managing Partner: Mauritius, Seychelles

T +230 203 4301
E Email Malcolm

Yahia Nazroo

Partner: Mauritius

T +230 203 4313
E Email Yahia

Marc Parrott

Partner: Hong Kong

T +852 2905 5710
E Email Marc

Sally Penrose

Partner, Head of Regulatory: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3286
E Email Sally

Shana Simmonds

Partner: BVI

T +1 284 393 5325
E Email Shana

Kyle Sutherland

Partner: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 653
E Email Kyle

Juan Thornley

Partner: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 623
E Email Juan

Stuart Tyler

Partner: Guernsey

T +44 (0)1481 755 606
E Email Stuart

Andrew Weaver

Partner: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 230
E Email Andrew

Jerome Wilson

Partner, Head of Technology & Innovation: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3559
E Email Jerome

Benjamin Woolf

Partner: Cayman Islands

T + 1 345 814 2006
E Email Benjamin

Juliette Ally

Counsel: Seychelles

T +248 4295 289
E Email Juliette

Dean Bennett

Partner: Cayman Islands

T +1 345 814 2980
E Email Dean

Eleanor Harding

Counsel: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 690
E Email Eleanor

Andrew Kuzma

Counsel: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3222
E Email Andrew

Manisha Lallah

Counsel: Mauritius

T +230 203 4319
E Email Manisha

Josephine Noddings

Counsel: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3553
E Email Josephine

Gemma Palmer

Counsel: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 163
E Email Gemma

Karishma Beegoo

Senior Associate: Mauritius

T +230 405 4355
E Email Karishma

Brittany Cummings

Senior Associate: BVI

T +1 284 393 5301
E Email Brittany

Alexandra Dernie (née Watterson)

Senior Associate: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 972
E Email Alexandra

Sophia Howell Evans

Senior Associate: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 663
E Email Sophia

Neil Molyneux

Senior Associate: Bermuda

T +441 298 3558
E Email Neil

Ashley Oogorah

Counsel: Mauritius

T +230 203 4311
E Email Ashley

Melissa Wong

Senior Associate: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 602
E Email Melissa

Paul Worsnop

Counsel: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 227
E Email Paul

Mary-Louise Buxton

Associate: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 645
E Email Mary-Louise

Kasia Smith

Senior Associate: BVI

T +1 284 393 5332
E Email Kasia

Angelina Wong

Associate: Hong Kong

T +852 2905 5713
E Email Angelina

Eduardo Fox

Consultant - Private Client & Trusts and Latin America, Corporate: Bermuda

T +1 441 505 2125
E Email Eduardo

Inge Poulus

Consultant: Cayman Islands

T +1 345 814 2079
E Email Inge

Louise Dougherty

Paralegal: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 625
E Email Louise

Cissy Chan

Legal Executive: Hong Kong

T +852 2905 5754
E Email Cissy

Billy Li

Legal Executive: Hong Kong

T +852 2905 5729
E Email Billy

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