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The Cayman Islands have branches of 40 of the world’s 50 largest banks. It is the leading offshore jurisdiction for the registration of investment funds and is the second largest captive domicile in the world with more than 700 captives. The jurisdiction is also recognised in providing trusts, structured finance, company and partnership formation and vessel and aircraft registry services.

The availability of expert professional advice and the reputation for being a respectable and well-regulated financial centre with a stable and business-friendly government have contributed to the success of Cayman’s financial services industry. Listed on the OECD’s white list, service providers adhere to all relevant international compliance standards and are committed to supporting global efforts to fight financial crime.


Appleby Projects in the Cayman Islands

Appleby Cayman has held an annual Charity Day for the past few years, inviting a cross-section of charitable organisations to present their wish list for sponsorship. Many local charities have benefitted from this project, which will continue into the future.

Employees at Appleby stay quite active during the year. Several members of staff have travelled overseas to represent the Cayman Islands in rugby, gaelic football and flag football. A high percentage of staff also participate in 5K walks/runs in the community, the annual Cayman Islands Marathon and the Triathlon. This includes the Deputy Governor’s event, of which Appleby continues to be a proud Platinum sponsor.