Our Dispute Resolution Lawyers

We are experts in the resolution of every type of commercial and civil dispute, whether through litigation or arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. Our team includes experienced advocates with rights of audience, who litigate at all levels of the court system. This includes the Privy Council; the final court of appeal for all eight of the jurisdictions where we practise. We also have significant experience in providing legal expertise to support dispute resolution in other jurisdictions.

Integrity and excellent client service are at the core of our business and we assert and defend our clients’ positions with vigour and efficiency.

With a specialist team of over 60 dispute resolution lawyers, we are able to handle the most complex matters quickly and effectively. We tailor our approach to meet our clients’ objectives whilst at the same time ensuring minimal disruption to their business.

Offshore Dispute Resolution

We have offices in ten highly regarded, well-regulated global locations and practise the laws of eight jurisdictions. Our office locations include the key international jurisdictions of Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Mauritius, and the Seychelles, as well as the international financial centres of Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Often cases have a multi-jurisdictional element, which means our dispute resolution lawyers can draw on the expertise of our colleagues around the globe and work together to provide the best result for clients.

Dispute Resolution Services

  • Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Our Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution team has significant experience in dealing with arbitration, mediation and all other means of alternative dispute resolution.

  • Employment & Immigration

    Our specialist team of employment lawyers provides advice on employment and immigration law to a range of global clients, including banks, financial services businesses, companies and directors, as well as their onshore legal advisers.

  • Fraud & Asset Tracing

    Our Fraud & Asset Tracing lawyers are experts in helping clients to trace and recover assets across international jurisdictions, regardless of where proceedings originate. This extensive international asset tracing experience means they have a developed a deep understanding of the legal and practical challenges that can arise in cross-border asset-recovery cases.

  • Fund Disputes

    When it comes to navigating the intricate landscape of investment fund disputes, our dedicated fund disputes lawyers are renowned for their expertise and experience, having acted in a number of high-profile global cases in recent years. Appleby provides offshore fund disputes legal services in Cayman Islands, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey and Mauritius. We can also call on our experienced Funds & Investment Services team to provide further technical advice.

  • Insolvency & Restructuring

    Our expert offshore insolvency & restructuring lawyers advise financially distressed companies, directors, institutional lenders, funds, bond holders, trustees, creditors (secured or unsecured), borrowers, onshore law firms and insolvency practitioners in large insolvencies and restructurings that have offshore or cross-border elements.

  • Insurance Disputes

    Our Insurance & Reinsurance Dispute Resolution team is a recognised industry leader, having been involved in numerous high-profile disputes. From the latest claims and notification arising from the sub-prime crisis, to the most complicated major catastrophes, as well as perennial market challenges, our team has market-leading experience representing insurers and reinsurers in complex, high-value arbitration, litigation and mediation matters.

  • Merger Disputes

    Merger disputes can often arise between parties owing to the complex nature of transactions involved in selling, purchasing and combining two or more companies. As one of the leading offshore law firms that specialises in both mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and dispute resolution, Appleby is able to offer unparalleled legal advice in the area of merger disputes.

  • Regulatory Disputes

    Our expert team of regulatory disputes lawyers provides advice to clients preparing for any interaction with regulators or addressing any exposure to civil, criminal and administrative sanctions across a wide range of business activities.

  • Trust Disputes

    Our market-leading team of trust dispute lawyers are experts in providing advice to trustees, beneficiaries, settlors and protectors in a wide range of trust disputes. With their extensive knowledge and international experience, they are perfectly placed to guide clients through all manner of complex offshore trust disputes and to offer strategic solutions tailored to individual circumstances.

Other notable dispute resolution services we offer include:

  • Banking litigation
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments and conflict of laws issues
  • Family and personal disputes
  • Injunctive remedies
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Judicial review of administrative and regulatory action
  • Litigation involving mutual funds and hedge funds
  • Marine litigation, including protection and indemnity representation
  • Telecommunications, e-commerce and software disputes


Our Dispute Resolution department is one of the largest litigation practices in Bermuda. Our dedicated and passionate lawyers advise on a full range of legal issues for high-profile, high-value, sophisticated and complex disputes, including: insolvency and restructuring, regulatory, trusts, re/insurance, funds, employment and immigration, and commercial.


“Appleby have one of the strongest teams on the island.” – Chambers Global

“Appleby is a market leader for dispute resolution in Bermuda. It easily outclasses most other firms in terms of the quality of its attorneys and the resources it can muster to support big-ticket offshore litigation.” – Legal 500

“The insolvency team is second to none. We’ve been working with them to try to recover on a defaulted loan. In each instance, we’ve found the lawyers to be thoughtful, prepared and thorough. We could not have achieved as good as result as we did were it not for Appleby.” – Legal 500

“I enjoyed working with this team. They take on a collaborative approach to their work. Despite the time zone and jurisdiction, they were always accessible and beckoned to your call. I was also impressed with the attention to detail that was applied.” – Legal 500

Litigation v Arbitration

Litigation and arbitration are two popular legal methods used to resolve disputes. The main difference between litigation and arbitration is that litigation is almost always a public procedure where a dispute has gone to court for a judge or jury to give judgment in favour of one of the parties. Arbitration, however, is almost always a confidential and private process which sees both sides agree on an arbitrator who, as a neutral third party, will study the case and evidence and discuss the matter with both parties with a view to negotiating a settlement and making a binding decision.

Appleby lawyers are experts in both litigation and arbitration, enabling us to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome whatever the nature of their dispute.


Jersey Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Our Jersey dispute resolution lawyers advise clients through the full range of disputes and across a variety of contentious and semi-contentious work, including international commercial litigation, trust disputes, fund disputes, insurance disputes, regulatory investigations, insolvency and restructuring matters. The team includes experienced Jersey lawyers who have are experts in all facets or Jersey dispute resolution law and proceedings, having also acted in some of the most complex and ground-breaking litigation cases to come before the Jersey courts.

What is litigation and dispute resolution?

Litigation is a method of dispute resolution that involves going to court to settle the outcome of a dispute, while dispute resolution is the umbrella term for all methods of settling disputes between parties. Different types of dispute resolution that can achieve a resolution to a dispute typically include litigation, arbitration, mediation, negotiation and conciliation.

Is alternative dispute resolution effective?

Alternative dispute resolution can be a very effective solution to a dispute as both parties are usually committed to finding a resolution by working together in good faith and it is typically confidential and private, more cost-effective and provides a quicker resolution than litigation.

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