Alternative dispute resolution lawyers

Our clients include some of the world’s leading investment banks, financial institutions, legal and accounting firms, trust companies, local governments, insurance companies and high net worth individuals, all of whom have an increasing interest in, and demand for, alternative methods and processes to resolve their disputes.

It has become clear over the past decade that there has been a notable increase in the understanding of the benefits of alternative dispute resolution over court litigation.

Arbitration lawyers

Arbitration in particular has become a popular method of resolving commercial disputes. With arbitration clauses increasingly being found in commercial contracts, arbitration can deliver binding and internationally enforceable decisions.

Our expert alternative dispute resolution lawyers are familiar with all major arbitration conventions and rules, and also conduct ad-hoc arbitrations under rules of the parties’ own devising. This deep knowledge and experience enables an arbitration lawyer at Appleby to help clients achieve cost-effective and commercial outcomes in resolving disputes independently of traditional forms of litigation.

Our global presence enables our arbitration lawyers to provide timely and comprehensive legal advice at the times most critical to our clients.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, including:

  • Routinely advising on the meaning and effect of dispute resolution clauses
  • Drafting highly effective dispute resolution clauses tailored to the client’s specific needs
  • Providing strategic advice and representation in all means of alternative dispute resolution including mediation, expert determination, adjudication and early neutral evaluation
  • Conduct of arbitration proceedings
  • Legal proceedings in aid of foreign and local arbitrations
  • Enforcement of arbitral awards

In need of an arbitration lawyer? View our experts in alternative dispute resolution here.

Types of alternative dispute resolution

Although arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism is well-known, there are other options for conflict resolution outside the conventional legal system. Arbitration lawyers will also be skilled in various other alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, conciliation, expert determination, adjudication and collaborative law.

For example, in mediation, a neutral mediatory facilitates communication, guiding parties toward a voluntary agreement. Conciliation shares similarities, involving a third party assisting in resolution, often with suggestions. Both methods prioritise cooperation, offering alternatives to the binding decisions associated with arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution solution.

In conclusion, alternative dispute resolution methods, including arbitration, empower parties to resolve disputes collaboratively, with arbitration lawyers perfectly placed to navigate these effective substitutes to traditional litigation.

Some commonly asked questions about arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, sometimes abbreviated to ADR, are highlighted below:

What is alternative dispute resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution comprises non-litigious methods to resolve conflicts, such as arbitration, mediation and negotiation that act as alternatives to traditional court proceedings for more efficient and collaborative dispute resolution.

What is arbitration in dispute resolution?

Arbitration is a dispute resolution process where parties present their cases to a neutral arbitrator, who renders a binding decision, offering a confidential and efficient alternative to litigation.

What are the different types of alternative dispute resolution?

The different types of alternative dispute resolution can be quite varied depending on the setting or industry and include options such as arbitration, mediation, adjudication, conciliation, negotiation, collaborative law, mini-trials, and expert determination.

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