As one of the world’s leading Insurance/Reinsurance and financial centres, Bermuda is also a jurisdiction of choice for funds, asset finance, and for incorporating global companies seeking to list on internationally recognised stock exchanges.

Lawyers in our Bermuda office advise clients in relation to Bermuda law and are able to facilitate the provision of legal advice in the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Mauritius and the Seychelles.



The Appleby ‘Bermuda Shorts’ podcast features short talks on all things business and Bermuda with our lawyers from Bermuda and other industry experts. Our ‘Tech Talks’ series focuses on topics and trends in technology which are transforming businesses, markets and everyday life. Listen to learn more about Appleby, Bermuda and our Technology expertise.

12 May 2023

Podcast: Trust and Estate Planning for Digital Assets in Bermuda

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4 May 2023

Podcast: Bermuda Tech Update - Amendment to the 2018 Code of Practice

Bermuda Partner Jerome Wilson and Associate Carl Meyer provide a quick tech update on the 2018 Code ...

12 Apr 2023

Podcast: Digital Assets in the Courts Part II

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16 Mar 2023

Podcast: CoinZoom shares why Bermuda for Digital Assets

The digital assets space is evolving with increased global regulatory requirements – this is where...

24 Feb 2023

Podcast: Bermuda's Imminent Privacy Law

Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) – what do Bermuda companies need to know to be ready? L...

7 Dec 2022

Podcast: Digital Assets in Bermuda & Compliance

As the digital assets industry continues to evolve at breathtaking speed, how do those businesses in...

14 Nov 2022

Podcast: Digital Assets in the Courts

Digital assets are an asset which has been created and stored digitally, be it data, images, documen...

26 Sep 2022

Podcast: Bermuda - IT and Outsourcing Contracts

Every business relies on IT infrastructure, at the hub of which lies the integrity and confidentiali...

12 Sep 2022

Podcast: NFTs From a Bermuda Regulatory Perspective

NFTs – where creativity and regulation can converge. In this ‘Tech Talks’ episode, we delve in...

12 Jul 2022

Podcast: Bermuda's InsurTech Growth

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, savvy investor or an established company, look no further t...

15 Jun 2022

Podcast: Why Bermuda for Fintech

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, savvy investor or an established company, look no further t...

25 May 2022

Podcast: Getting a Bermuda Digital Assets Licence

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, savvy investor or an established company, look no further t...

25 May 2022

Podcast: Why Bermuda and Digital Assets

Bermuda is another world – literally a 20-square mile jewel in the Atlantic ocean that has become ...


Bermuda Football Association (BFA)

We have sponsored the BFA Youth Program since 2004, which aims to improve sportsmanship and instill values in players from a young age, on and off the field. In addition to the Children (ages 7-13) and Youth (ages 14-17) Divisions, our support helps BFA to organise coaching, administration and referee development programs conducted by local and overseas instructors. We are proud of our commitment to youth in Bermuda, which through the BFA Youth Program attracts more than 1,500 youth players each year.

The Reading Clinic

We provide financial assistance to The Reading Clinic, a not-for profit, registered charity founded in 1968. TRC has grown from providing specialised tutoring based in the founder’s home to offering literacy and math programmes to meet the needs of children with specific learning disabilities.

Bermuda National Trust (BNT)

We provide financial support and are partners with BNT in helping to restore and preserve the Sherwin Nature Reserve in Warwick. Our staff volunteer efforts include tree planting and clearing invasive plant species throughout the Reserve’s walking trails and adjacent road, as well as restoring or levelling educational signs for better use. A part of BNT’s mission is to protect and promote Bermuda’s unique natural heritage through land conservation.

Supportive Therapy for AIDS Persons and Their Relatives (STAR)

Since 1998, we have participated in STAR’s annual Holiday Donation Drive by assisting families with food hampers, fruit baskets, gifts, vouchers and Christmas trees. STAR has provided comprehensive support to persons with HIV/AIDS and their families since 1986.


Dedicated to ending homelessness in Bermuda, we made a financial contribution to charitable organisation ‘Home’ which opened in 2021 to help individuals and families receive shelter, health and social services, and to track progress in preventing, reducing and ending homelessness.

Saving Children and Revealing Secrets (SCARS)

We sponsored and fundraised for SCARS’ annual ‘Kayak 4 Kids’, where kayakers and paddleboarders fundraise to circumnavigate Bermuda on a 40-mile journey. SCARS’ mission is to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse by raising public awareness, educating the adult population in prevention, and supporting policies and procedures to best protect children.


In April 2021, we donated $25,000 to assist with operating costs for the King Edward Memorial Hospital Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic.


An organisation with more than 30 years in Bermuda, our financial support has helped the charity in their mission to promote gender equality and to support women facing life challenges with information, appropriate referrals, confidential counseling, and educational and training programmes.

International Women’s Day

We participate in the annual International Women’s Day Bermuda celebration, highlighting women in our community who make a positive impact. The fundraising event helps to raise money for the Women’s Resource Centre.


We supported WeSpeak, an organisation for women by women in Bermuda, in its establishment and registration as a charity, through sponsorship of a local event and with some of our women partners currently serving as coaches. WeSpeak seeks to focus on women’s professional development helping to give women the confidence to speak up and speak out in their corporate communities.


Whilst Covid-19 restrictions were in place in 2020 and 2021, we purchased gift cards from a restaurant group as part of an effort to support workers in the struggling hospitality industry; the gift cards were given to our employees.


We provide pro bono support to BSoA, the oldest established arts organisation in Bermuda, whose mission is to nurture the growth of visual art and artists by providing a superior venue to showcase local artists’ work and helping to prepare them for international exposure.

SailGP Earth Hour

We partnered with SailGP and other sponsors in 2021 to support Earth Hour – a worldwide movement organised annually in Bermuda by local charity Greenrock -- to advocate for our planet, and raise awareness of nature loss and climate change.


Started in the late 1990s as a group of Canadian fans playing ‘pick-up’ hockey, our sponsorship helps BBHA, a charity which now consists of two leagues, a national team and a youth programme.


Featuring international and local performing artists from a range of disciplines, we served as a corporate sponsor of this annual event which also provides outreach programmes for students and seniors.

Bermuda Half Marathon

We proudly sponsored and volunteered for this historical and popular mainstay on Bermuda’s cultural events calendar for 14 years – with five years as title sponsor -- which sees more than 1,000 runners participating annually.


We sponsored this local event– part of the TED global community devoted to spreading ideas - which featured video and live speakers to spark deep discussions and connections in small groups.


We sponsored and participated in this former annual competition hosted by the Centre on Philanthropy which featured corporate teams raising money for a charity of choice.


We proudly supported YouthNet, which operated for 25 years, in its efforts to empower students to make positive life choices through school-based mentoring.

Bermuda Pride

As a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion, we support Bermuda Pride through registered charity OUTBermuda via community events celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and their many allies on island. We have a long history of supporting our diverse workforce, and believe in the value of our differences and in equality for everyone.