Our vision for diversity, inclusion and belonging.

In 2021, we began important work to bring new direction to the development of our culture and specifically, to our approach to diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB). Our vision is to:

  • Create a culture of inclusion across the Appleby Group, where colleagues feel empowered, valued and accepted in our differences.
  • Develop a sustainably diverse workforce for the future, ensuring equity in access, development and advancement.
  • Embed inclusive practice in our business processes, enabling excellence from every colleague, for the benefit of every client and our mutual future success.

I thoroughly enjoy my role and working at Appleby. I would not want for a better place of employment or colleagues. I feel valued and that I make a difference and that is very important to me.

Our Commitment

Our Business Leaders have confirmed their unequivocal commitment to our DIB vision. Our DIB Committee, comprising senior leaders from across the Appleby Group, sets the focus for our strategic work on DIB and monitors progress against those change initiatives.

Our priorities for change are identified through self-assessment against the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks – published standards of excellence in organisational diversity, equity and inclusion. This ensures that our journey of improvement is aligned to objective and globally esteemed standards.

Openness is a key principle in our approach and will be critical to our success. We know we must be open and honest about the areas in which we need to do more and be better, but also open to the changes we may need to make in order to improve. Our programme of change focused on diversity, inclusion and belonging is called Open at Appleby and is based on six key principles:

  1. We will identify and address barriers to fair and equitable recruitment and advancement so that Appleby is truly open to all.
  2. We will be honest and frank when assessing the areas in which we know we need to do more and be better.
  3. We will be clear when communicating our goals and priorities for change, and transparent when monitoring and accounting for our progress.
  4. We will be receptive to feedback from colleagues and stakeholders in order to ensure that change is meaningful for our colleagues, and that improvement is continuous.
  5. We will work to build strong relationships of trust and support at all levels so that our colleagues feel able to share their authentic selves with colleagues, leaders and clients.
  6. We will learn, improve and then lead; openly sharing our journey in order to manifest real and lasting change in our sector.
Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World © 2021 Yvonne (Nene) Kegomoditswe Molefi, Julia O’Mara, and Alan Richter, PhD. Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.



Established Appleby core values of Integrity, Collegiality and Excellence


Launched our first colleague inclusion and engagement survey


Developed bespoke equality and diversity training with 100% colleague completion


Completed our second colleague inclusion and engagement survey


Established our DIB Committee comprising senior leaders across the Appleby Group


Introduced accessibility support to our websites in line with WCAG Level A accreditation


Delivered 'Inclusive Leadership & Management' training for managers and Partners

It is a genuinely happy, collegiate environment where everyone works together well. The Partners are open, approachable and good fun to work with.


Appleby Group diversity data at 1 April 2024

Representation of Gender*

All colleagues1Women:Men    64 | 36
Fee earning team2Women:Men    59 | 41
Management team3Women:Men    52 | 48
Leadership team4Women:Men    29 | 71


Representation of Age Groups



Representation of Ethnicity


*Categorisation is based on role seniority as defined in our Career Development Frameworks: 1. All colleagues: Includes all colleagues employed by the Appleby Group. 2. Fee earning team: Includes all fee earning professionals and lawyers. 3. Management team: Includes all colleagues in Senior Associate / Manager roles and above. 4. Leadership team: Includes all colleagues in Partner / Managing Director / Business Services Director roles and above.

The firm have been absolutely fantastic to me. I am blessed and overwhelmed by the flexibility given to me by Appleby.

Quotations taken from colleague responses to previous engagement and inclusion surveys

Key Contacts

Fiona Chan

Partner: Hong Kong

T +852 2905 5760
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Susan Fallan

Counsel: Cayman Islands

T +1 345 814 2767
E Email Susan

Gemma McGuill

Business Lead – Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

T +44 (0) 1624 647 630
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Iain Millar

Partner* Appleby (Jersey) L.P.: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 251
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Caren Pegg

Partner: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 636
E Email Caren

Anna Malorey

Director: Jersey

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