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  • 17 August 2018 Andrew Weaver

    The Advantages of Listing Eurobonds and PIK Notes in the Channel Islands

    The International Stock Exchange (TISE) has for a number of years been a leading exchange for the listing of quoted Eurobonds due to ease of use, certainty and flexibility. ...

  • 9 August 2018 Ashley Fife

    Bermuda ICOs, trusts and investor confidence

    “Look before you leap” and “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.  Numerous sayings derived from Aesop’s fables encapsulate how one might approach investment....

  • 8 August 2018 Andrew Weaver and Benjamin Bestgen

    Enhancing the Investment Business Regime - JFSC Consultation No.4 2018 (open for responses until 3 September 2018)

    Part of our job as international commercial lawyers is to read, digest, and where useful, provide comment on information that is often presented in a dry and abstract way. We believe it is important to share some observations with you which could impact your current business practices.  You may wish to consider responding to the Consultation yourself to help shape the future of Jersey’s Code of Practice for Investment Business....

  • 8 August 2018 Wendy Benjamin and Christopher Spencer

    Robust and Reliable: A brief overview of Financial Services Regulation in Jersey

    Jersey has developed an excellent international reputation for being a well-regulated and stable international finance centre.  In particular, the financial services sector is known for having a robust but adaptable regulator in the form of the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), which oversees a developed legislative and regulatory framework including the JFSC’s Codes of Practice. ...

  • 6 August 2018 Fiona Chan and Alison Thomson

    Reflections from the Hong Kong SPOT conference 2018

    Fiona Chan and Alison Thomson recently attended the SPOT conference in Hong Kong which showcased a variety of talks and panel discussions from the world's leading cryptocurrency and token exchanges....

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