Leader of the Opposition’s comments in Prime Minister’s Questions



Following the Leader of the Opposition’s comments in Prime Minister’s Questions, about a leak from an off-shore law firm, we wish to make it clear that our firm was not the subject of a leak but of an illegal computer hack.

Journalists claim to have seen documents from multiple sources, including Appleby. During the cyber-attack, we believe, but we do not know for certain, that a limited number of private documents were stolen by criminals from servers in a number of our offices. Whilst we have taken robust measures to protect ourselves from further attacks, we believe that these illegally held documents will be used by journalists who will be publishing stories about the off-shore world in the next few days. We will continue to defend ourselves and our legitimate and lawful business against these groundless allegations.

We are a global organisation comprising ten offices which have equal prominence within the global business. We do not have a headquarters. It is not factually correct to state that Appleby has its headquarters in Bermuda or that this is a Bermuda cyber-attack.

Cyber-crime is an enormous problem for individuals and businesses around the world and we believe that neither politicians nor journalists should condone or encourage it in any way for example by referring to material stolen in this way, unless that is absolutely necessary to discuss matters of great public concern. In this instance, that is simply not the case and we believe that the hack should be condemned for the criminal act it is and the privacy of the information respected.

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