The Bermuda Government has taken proactive measures which are designed to control, suppress and prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Please see below for details regarding the operating procedures for certain government offices and the courts.


Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA)

All correspondence and application requests can be submitted to the BMA electronically.

Registrar of Companies (RoC) 

The ROC launched an online registry system on 7 June 2021 that facilitates all corporate filings and fee collections.

Registry General

The Registry General provides online search services.  When emailing applications, all fees must be paid by direct deposit or wire transfer.

IP Agents and customers can submit registration applications or any other documents for IP matters via [email protected].

Parliamentary Registry

Documents requiring an apostille can be processed and certificates will continue to be issued digitally. Requests should be submitted via email.

2. Can searches be conducted?

Company Searches

All company searches can be conducted online using the ROC Online Registry.

Litigation Searches

Searches of all Cause Books can be done in person by appointment only.  In addition, in order to assist law firms with being able to complete and/or advise on commercial transactions, a distribution list has been created to provide law firms an electronic copy of the Supreme Court Cause Book to show any new matters which have been entered from the previous search carried out.  The electronic copy of the Cause Book is being distributed each Tuesday and Friday.

Registry General Searches

The Registry General are able to conduct searches that are submitted via email.

3. Certificates of good standing

Requests for certificates of compliance should be submitted to the RoC electronically using the Online Registry.

4. Court sessions and position (including filings and hearings) 

The Registrar for the Courts of Bermuda has released various practice directions outlining temporary measures being taken to reduce the community spread of Covid-19.  Members of the public are required to call or email the Court with any inquiries.

The following services are suspended until further notice: swearing of affidavits and certifying copies.

Magistrates’ Court

The Magistrates’ Court is open for filings Monday through Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Supreme Court

In order to limit the amount of persons who come into the Court environs, hearings and trials currently listed will be heard wherever possible remotely, via audio visual means. The parties will be informed in advance whether it is intended for the matter to proceed remotely.

The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal Registries are open for filings Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal has resumed.

5. Digital nomad programme

Bermuda launched a digital nomad program which offers a one-year residency certificate for those who want to work or study remotely. This initiative capitalised on the rise of remote working, which has been accelerated by Covid-19. Hundreds of people have taken advantage of the program.

A successful applicant must, among other things, possess valid health insurance coverage and be able to demonstrate employment with a legitimate company, or their own company, registered and operating outside of Bermuda, or have substantial means or a continuous source of annual income. There is a fee of BMD263 per applicant.

6. Any travel restrictions

The Bermuda airport is open for commercial flights.

Prior to departure for Bermuda, travellers (including visitors and Bermuda residents) must comply with stringent Covid-19 protocols which include completing the Bermuda travel authorisation process online prior to departure. Please refer to the website for the latest travel guidance.

7. Implications for economic substance compliance and residency

The RoC has advised that it will take circumstances surrounding Covid-19 into account when assessing compliance with the economic substance requirements pursuant to the Economic Substance Act 2018, and the principles set out in the applicable Guidance Notes. The RoC may therefore take into account situations where meetings or other similar compliance measures are not possible due to necessary travel or quarantine restrictions. Entities should keep careful records of all such circumstances, and should continue in good faith to ensure their ongoing compliance with the economic substance requirements.

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