The Chancellor also gave directions to expedite the procedural timetable leading to an early trial and indicated in the strongest terms that he would not tolerate any attempted delaying tactics. Significantly, the Chancellor directed that he expected to see disclosure of the documents obtained from the ICIJ at an early stage of the expedited timetable. This aspect sits at the heart of our motivation in taking this action.

Appleby’s Group Managing Partner, Michael O’Connell said “These directions, and the urgency injected into the process by the Chancellor, are welcomed by Appleby. It means that our grievances can be properly heard and the situation can be resolved as swiftly as possible and this is consistent with our objectives in bringing this legal action. The early disclosure process that has been ordered is particularly valuable.”

Please ensure this statement is published or included in its entirety in any article and attributed to Appleby.

Appleby wish to make no further comment.

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