Fraud & Asset Tracing

Appleby’s team of fraud and asset tracing experts is able to assist clients in tracing and recovering assets across offshore jurisdictions, regardless of where proceedings originate. We have lawyers in our team with deep expertise in a raft of areas, including:

  • Complex financial and banking fraud
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax fraud and evasion
  • Fraudulent investment schemes
  • False accounting
  • Money laundering
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Claims over title and stolen assets

Our lawyers have many years’ experience litigating in all the major offshore markets.

Appleby is able to deploy all the experts necessary to resolve these often highly complex and sophisticated matters, pulling together capabilities from across our network of offices and working together seamlessly. 

Our clients in this area include major financial institutions, multinational corporations, government agencies, state-owned corporations and high net worth individuals, whether they have been defrauded or have received the proceeds of fraud. We can also advise directors and officers, and other service providers caught up in the fallout from fraudulent activities.

We have expertise in the steps to be taken when investigating offshore companies that may have been used to perpetrate a fraud, and we have extensive experience of obtaining freezing orders to prevent the removal of assets from offshore jurisdictions in support of legal proceedings and other recovery efforts elsewhere.