Research proves how diversity in the workplace has a positive impact on performance and decision-making, particularly when women are strongly represented at senior levels, and Appleby is proud to have so many amazing women as part of our legal and business services teams.  In 2017, Appleby formed its ‘Female Leaders Network’ to unite women across the jurisdictions in which the firm operates. The network champions workplace diversity and boardroom representation.

We asked some of the female leaders across the globe how they celebrate women’s day, choose to challenge and enable equal empowerment within their teams, today and every day:

“I have incurable optimism for a just world. “A world that embraces diversity, inclusivity, equity and accessibility as imperatives, that confronts bias, fosters open and unscripted dialogue and honors the integrity of everyone. I have the perennial resilience to keep these imperatives on the agenda.” – Tammy Richardson-Augustus, Partner, Bermuda

“It’s often a challenge to push ourselves into markets that are traditionally male-dominated, but women bring unique and important voices. We need to see challenges as learning experiences, and to allow us to build a more equal platform for the future.” – Rebecca Jack, Senior Associate, BVI

“We can, and should, celebrate the advances that have been made in representation at the highest levels of management, but we’ve got further to go.  I challenge myself to use my energy, time and experience to push against gender bias and to celebrate women’s achievements.  It’s time for all of us to pull together.” – Barbara Padega, Director of Knowledge Management, Cayman Islands

“Great things happen when women encourage and support one another. They learn the strength in their voice and the value in their unique view point. That unity is something we strive for in our team. With so many challenges in the corporate world: we are each other’s platform to success, resilience and empowerment.” – Nicole Sorbie, Senior Associate, Guernsey

“I stay engaged with Associations working to combat gender bias. As an active member of Women in Law Hong Kong and Women in Fund Finance Asia I am inspired by the fantastic work these Associations carry out to make an impact on matters affecting women in the industry.” – Fiona Chan, Partner, Hong Kong

“I believe that with dedication and determination any individual should be able to accomplish their goals regardless of gender. I am passionate about tackling
unconscious bias which is the biggest enemy of diversity, progress and innovation.” – Caren Pegg, Partner, Isle of Man

“I support and encourage the development and progression of women in the workplace. Diversity is crucial and differences in colleagues should not mean different access to opportunities in your career.” – Gemma Whale, Senior Associate, Jersey

“Women’s Day is a celebration which honours our elders, who forged a way through formidable challenges to inspire so many across genders and to give us the gift of an expanded sense of possibilities and a courage to rise above dreary dead habits!” – Sharmilla Bhima, Partner, Mauritius

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This is just one of the ways Appleby chooses to challenge.

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