Appleby Jersey recently recorded the first of our Community Partnership podcasts with Sammy Cooil and guest Sam Moore. This is the third year of Appleby’s community partnership with Sammy Cooil; we have previously worked with Sammy to fund and distribute digital thermometers and blood pressure units to secondary schools in Jersey.  We will be recording and distributing a podcast series of three episodes with Sammy and a number of special guests. The aim of our podcasts is to promote mental health awareness, specifically for issues impacting young people.  In our first podcast we talk about preparing to leave for University and hear about Sam’s first year at University during the pandemic.

Jersey Managing Partner James Gaudin commented “We are very proud to have worked with Sammy to provide digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters to schools in Jersey. Producing this series of podcasts is a new way for Appleby to promote mental health awareness for young people and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Sammy on further initiatives.”

Click on the following link to listen to our podcast:



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