The Tech Summit which is presented by Penrose Partners will bring together leaders, regulators and innovators both virtually and in-person to explore the latest developments in digital assets and blockchain technology. Key topics for discussion during the week-long, series of events include digital adoption, decentralised finance, custody and insurance, privacy and identity, cryptocurrency, and sustainability.

Members of Appleby’s Technology and Innovation team will attend events throughout the week and share their experience with emerging technologies.  Appleby’s multi-disciplinary global practice which is top-ranked by Chambers Global advises clients across a broad range of technologies including: Blockchain; Virtual Currencies, Token Sales and Initial Coin Offerings; Financial Technologies; Digital Technology and E-Commerce; Intellectual Property; and IT and Communications to name a few.

Partner Jerome Wilson who is head of Appleby’s Technology and Innovation practice in Bermuda said: “We are pleased to once again support the Tech Summit, an event platform showcasing Bermuda’s leading role as a global hub for blockchain and fintech. While it is increasingly important to keep pace in this ever-evolving sector, Bermuda’s ability to do so is bolstered by its sound and innovative legislative and regulatory framework for digital asset issuances. Our team is looking forward to the discussions tabled for this year’s agenda, which will also delve into broader, critical issues, including the use of innovative technologies to combat climate change and building a more sustainable future.”

Penrose Partners is a team of founders, innovators, and industry researchers that have advised emerging tech startups, multinational enterprises, and governments around the world on blockchain adoption.

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