Monika (Sheinberg) Adams, serves as Senior Consultant and Money Laundering Compliance Officer (MLCO) for the Compliance and Corporate department.

As an MLCO and Senior Consultant, Monika Adams manages the compliance team for the firm and provides a financial and non-financial institutions counsel for compliance with Bermuda’s legal framework to prevent financial crimes, terrorist financing and money laundering. As a former senior analyst of Bermuda Monetary Authority’s Legal Services and Enforcement Department, she brings a technical experience to the regulatory environment and knowledgeable answers to act as responsive legal counsel and consultant for the complex, ongoing and ever-changing arena of complying with the Financial Action Task Force Recommendations and its corresponding Methodology.

In addition to providing services to assist domestic and international institutions in their anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing programmes, Monika provides counsel on intellectual property matters. As a former Biotechnology Patent Examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office with a Masters in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, she brings her technical expertise to assisting client protect their innovative ideas, technology and branding through such means as patents and trademarks.

Monika was called to the Bar in Bermuda in 2012. Before being called to the Bar, she was a scientist and an artist. Born in Poland, her scientific studies were carried out at the University of Virginia and Georgetown University in the United States, while her legal studies were carried out at BPP University in the United Kingdom.



  • XBT Opps, LLC, advising on the establishment of a proprietary (prop) trading vehicle in Bermuda which is intended to show proof of concept and build a track record to potentially develop an investment fund which would give investors the opportunity to gain exposure to virtual currency.



University of Virginia

Georgetown University

BPP University (United Kingdom


5 Jun 2019 | News

Appleby sponsors 15th Annual Bermuda Captive Conference

Appleby is pleased to be a silver sponsor of the annual Bermuda Captive Conference to be held at the...

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