Aircraft Liens and Detention Rights covers the rights of third parties to seize and detain aircraft until unpaid debts are met or if aviation law has been infringed. The contribution, co-authored by Andrew Webb and Alexandra Dernie, provides an account of liens under the common law, contract and statute in the Isle of Man. The impact of the Cape Town Convention is considered along with the limited application of Eurocontrol rights of detention and sale for navigation charges.

This useful publication:

– Offers an analysis of liens (domestic and foreign) of sellers, repairers, maintenance providers, salvors and contractors

– Shows how aircraft owners, airlines and financiers are affected by liens and detention rights

– Covers over 100 of the busiest jurisdictions, addressing the key issues on a comparative basis

– Details the powers of airport and air navigation authorities (including Eurocontrol) to detain and sell aircraft for unpaid landing, parking and air navigation fees

– Sets out government powers to detain and forfeit aircraft

– Provides vital information of interest to airlines, banks and finance houses, airports, aviation authorities, and aircraft repair and maintenance companies.

To purchase a copy of Aircraft Liens and Detention Rights, please visit here.

Andrew Webb and Alexandra Dernie also contributed the Isle of Man Chapter to the Sweet & Maxwell guide, Aircraft Finance: Registration, Security and Enforcement.


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