The Revised Code is effective as of 31 August 2022, but provides for a period of time for insurers to ensure they are fully compliant (see below for more detail). The Revised Code follows extensive consultation with industry stakeholders and the changes are aimed to further develop a conduct of business framework by applying appropriate customer protection measures to address emerging prudential issues and ensure Bermuda’s regulatory framework remains aligned with international standards.

The key areas of change in the Revised Code include governance, outsourcing, business continuity, and disaster recovery and risk management.

The BMA will allow the following transition periods from today’s issue date to become compliant with the new provisions of the Code for insurers registered under Section 4 of the Insurance Act 1978:

a) A period of six months to become compliant with the new provisions of the Revised Code’s section 8; and

b) A period of 12 months to become compliant with the new provisions/amendments of all the other sections of the Revised Code (i.e., excludes the provisions of section 8 as outlined in ‘a’ above).

Section 8 of the Revised Code relates to the conduct of business, including integrity, conflicts of interest, and a number of additional sections that apply to insurers writing domestic retail business.

When reviewing the Revised Code, insurers should take note that, among the many changes, Section 4.1 – The Board – has been amended to make reference to and distinguish independent non-executive directors from non-executive and executive directors. Insurers should consider carefully consider the right mix of these classifications of directors through the proportionality principle.

Please contact a member of the team below if you have any questions regarding the impact of the revised Insurance Code of Conduct on your business.

Key contacts

Brad Adderley

Managing Partner: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3243
E Email Brad

Alan Bossin

Partner, Chief Operating Officer: Bermuda

T +1 441 298 3536
E Email Alan

Matthew Carr

Partner: Bermuda

T +1 441 298-3594
E Email Matthew

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