Duncan who specialises in privacy law, will be speaking on the 10 October ‘Privacy: Resilience Beyond Compliance’ panel which will focus on both local and global aspects of privacy operationalisation, complexities and resilience, and how these factors can help to build responsive and sustainable information privacy management programmes.

In conjunction with the Bermuda Tech Summit, an invitation-only event, the Bermuda Digital Assets Symposium will be hosted by Clarien and XBTO on 9 October at the same location. Jerome Wilson, Partner and Head of Appleby’s Technology & Innovation practice in Bermuda, will be speaking on the ‘Furthering Digital Assets Adoption’ panel, along with other industry experts.

The Symposium will bring together key players in the global digital assets landscape to explore opportunities, discuss regulatory frameworks, and promote the growth of the digital assets ecosystem in Bermuda.

Joining Jerome and Duncan, will be other members of Appleby’s Technology & Innovation practice which has been growing in recent years with Appleby having the largest and most proficient team advising on the laws and regulations that are critical to innovative and technologically driven clients. The team is leading the way with advising on the most Digital Asset Business Act (DABA) license applications on the island.

Appleby also introduced the Bermuda Shorts ‘Tech Talk’ podcast series in 2022 with 15 episodes on a cross-section of tech topics ranging from how to get a DABA license, digital assets in the courts, trusts and estate planning for digital assets, Bermuda’s insurtech growth, and most recently, welcomed legislation amendments that further refine DABA and provide practical and efficient enhancements for the fintech sector in Bermuda.

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