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Bermuda Shorts – Tech Talks S01 E06

Every business relies on IT infrastructure, at the hub of which lies the integrity and confidentiality of data. As the global business landscape continues to shift toward increasing governance standards and regulatory demands concerning IT infrastructure, it is essential for CEOs, CIOs and General Counsel of all Bermuda enterprises to know all the converging factors impacting their IT infrastructure and all related commercial relationships.

There is a convergence in Bermuda of privacy and data protection law, cyber security and outsourcing regulatory prescription, developed corporate governance best practices, and accepted commercial risk management, that is having a direct and dramatic impact on how enterprises must contract for technology goods and services. Whether those transaction are among affiliates or arms-length service providers, that confluence of law, regulation and best practices now dictates how enterprises must manage the quality their IT goods and services procurement, governance and contracting practices.

Partner Jerome Wilson sits down with fellow partner Duncan Card, who specialises in both privacy law and commercial IT and outsourcing contracts, to discuss those issues and more. Listen to their conversation and learn why the convergence of governance best practices, law and regulation is critical for all businesses. They also address Bermuda’s approach to regulating these changing — and overlapping — regulatory and governance standards, and how businesses can benefit from the pool of talent on the island to service their needs.

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The Bermuda Shorts Podcast Series

The Appleby ‘Bermuda Shorts’ podcast features short talks on all things business and Bermuda with our lawyers from Bermuda and other industry experts. Our ‘Tech Talks’ series focuses on topics and trends in technology which are transforming businesses, markets and everyday life. Listen to learn more about Appleby, Bermuda and our Technology expertise.

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