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Bermuda Shorts – Tech Talks S01 E11

Emerging challenges in digital assets continue to push the courts to develop their thoughts on historic concepts as they examine how best to catch up with this new asset class.

Bermuda Partners Jerome Wilson and Hannah Tildesley dive back into the exciting space of digital assets in the courts in the latest ‘Tech Talks’ podcast, which is a continuation of episode 7 where they examined several cases and the issues facing the courts around the world.

In this episode the pair consider how to accommodate an asset class that doesn’t neatly fit into the existing ideas of assets, fiduciaries or individuals, and discuss recent cases where the courts have begun to shift their approach. Listen to learn more about this exciting space where the law is changing before our eyes in order to catch up with this new asset class to deal with the very real issues being raised – valuable information whether you’re on the business or consumer side.

Jerome and Hannah also share that in this time without clear direction on some of the issues, people need to be careful with their keys and who they give access to their crypto. Some of the recent cases are going to raise really interesting duties because if the developers of the bitcoin chains and the bitcoin software owe duties – then you start to wonder about crypto exchanges, companies providing wallets – and basically anyone providing crypto services.

Click here to view our ‘Tech Talks’ podcasts and be sure to connect with Jerome and Hannah on the latest developments.

The Bermuda Shorts Podcast Series

The Appleby ‘Bermuda Shorts’ podcast features short talks on all things business and Bermuda with our lawyers from Bermuda and other industry experts. Our ‘Tech Talks’ series focuses on topics and trends in technology which are transforming businesses, markets and everyday life. Listen to learn more about Appleby, Bermuda and our Technology expertise.

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