Why did you choose to work in compliance and why is it so important?

The compliance and risk functions are now vital for keeping businesses safe, efficient, and profitable. That’s a huge motivator for me. Managing daily risks in a proportionate way is exactly what regulators expect. You can’t manage every risk equally, so prioritising is crucial. It’s an interesting and dynamic job. Working with an incredible team like James and Kristie makes every day different. No two organisations approach compliance the same way, which keeps it engaging. Often, clients come to us in panic mode. Solving problems and pinpointing root causes is incredibly satisfying and it’s so rewarding to use our expertise to bring them confidence and control by the end of a project.

Tell us about ARC

ARC provides innovative compliance solutions, blending business benefits with regulatory requirements. Our clients range from small firms to large global brands. They come to us for help with regulatory inspections, internal audit issues, or compliance monitoring failures. We provide tailored solutions that address both local and group-wide needs. We understand the Jersey dynamic and create solutions that work together. Our “One Appleby” approach ensures seamless integration for clients. We set up and administer companies, manage regulatory compliance, and offer specialised services. Our innovative solutions enhance our overall service quality and attract new clients.

What have the past six months looked like?

I can’t quite believe it has been six months! The unique culture here made me feel at home quickly. We’ve built a talented and experienced team and are looking for more people to join us in key roles. Our focus is on making compliance a value-add, turning it into a game changer for profitability and sustainability.

Where did this all begin for you?

I grew up on the island and studied law, qualifying as an English solicitor. I worked as a criminal lawyer before moving into corporate law. I headed the offshore legal department at RBSI for three and a half years before moving to London, where I stepped into the world of compliance. I’ve had an amazing journey, especially during the financial crisis! I’ve worked on big deals, interesting projects, and international implementations. I ran my own consultancy before joining Appleby to set up ARC and my clients have come with me. My Executive MBA has been crucial in shaping my practice, I focused on corporate culture change which is a critical element of managing and implementing effective frameworks in the conduct space, which I was heavily involved in in London.,

You mentioned that you are looking for people to join your team at ARC

Yes, we don’t hold traditional interviews at Appleby. We recognise that traditional approaches don’t always help people shine so we have relaxed chats to understand what candidates want to achieve in their careers. Strong analytical skills and the ability to spot patterns are crucial. It’s not just about focusing on details but understanding the bigger picture and articulating complex concepts. [Effective communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking are key, as well as the ability to collaborate.]

Why do you enjoy working at Appleby?

Culture is everything. I feel comfortable and safe to be myself here, and we have a great working environment. Culture isn’t just about what you see in the shop window, it is about what is happening in the stock room. It’s about alignment and consistency, that’s why we enjoy working here. Ultimately, I love that we are what we say we are.

This article first appeared in Gallery magazine. Read full article on P76-7 here: https://issuu.com/factory/docs/gj196_final_d

Key contacts

Nadia Lewis

Head of Regulatory Consulting: Jersey

T +44 (0) 1534 763 006
E Email Nadia

Kristie Potts

Chief Strategy Officer: Jersey

T +441534818019
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James Gaudin

Managing Partner: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 337
E Email James

Andrew Weaver

Partner: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 230
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