Utmost acquired Utmost International from Quilter Plc in 2021, and the business transfer is part of an ongoing integration programme.

The transfer, which became effective on 30 November 2022, involved a court-sanctioned scheme of transfer in the Isle of Man (the local equivalent of a business transfer under Part VII of the UK Financial Services and Markets Act), which was supplemented by schemes of transfer in Jersey and Guernsey.  As the only law firm that advises on the laws of all three Crown Dependencies, Appleby was uniquely placed to provide the necessary combination of corporate and litigation assistance across all three jurisdictions.

The Appleby team was led by corporate partner Garry Manley and counsel Michelle Brook and also included Mark Holligon and Keira Gore from the Isle of Man litigation team, Andrew Weaver and Niall MacDonald in Jersey and Stuart Tyler and Richard Field in Guernsey.

Mike Foy, the Chief Executive of Utmost International, commented: “It is very satisfying to be where we are one year into the integration programme.  It has taken a huge amount of effort from right across the organisation, as well as from third parties such as Appleby, and we are very grateful for the advice, guidance and support that the Appleby team provided throughout the transfer project.”

Key contacts

Garry Manley

Partner, Head of Corporate: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 638
E Email Garry

Mark Holligon

Managing Partner: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 691
E Email Mark

Keira Gore

Partner: Isle of Man

T +44 (0)1624 647 621
E Email Keira

Andrew Weaver

Partner: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 230
E Email Andrew

Niall MacDonald

Partner: Jersey

T +44 (0)1534 818 018
E Email Niall

Stuart Tyler

Partner: Guernsey

T +44 (0)1481 755 606
E Email Stuart

Richard Field

Partner: Guernsey

T +44 (0)1481 755 610
E Email Richard

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