It possesses a strong economy primarily as a result of its robust insurance, investment fund and trust sectors. Bermuda offers balanced regulation, tax neutrality, and a world-class advisory and financial services infrastructure. Chinese investors are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunities Bermuda offers.

The island is also uniquely beautiful with some of the most pristine beaches and stunning coastlines in the world, and is presently the focus of the sailing world as it is hosting the Americas Cup in 2017 with preliminary events known as the World Series taking place later in 2015.

Bermuda’s world class status In Bermuda, more than 13,000 major international companies have incorporated and more than 750 of the Fortune 1000 companies have subsidiaries. The island, having originated the concept of captive insurance, is the world’s largest captive domicile. It is also the eighth largest investor in the U.S. and has attracted more than $745 billion in mutual funds from more than a hundred offerings. Start-up companies in Bermuda have raised more than $20 billion in capital markets with established companies having raised a similar amount in later stage offerings. Furthermore, Bermuda has a flourishing private international trust business.

These impressive figures are a testament to the quality and reliability of Bermuda’s legal and commercial environment.

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