The experience I’ve gained, even during the early stages of my placement, is unparalleled by any other scheme offered at my age.

Drew Fleming
Appleby Academy 2018/19 winner

The Academy is an exciting and unique programme aimed at upper sixth form students in the Isle of Man.

Our hope is that this summer placement will help set the winning student apart when applying for a university place or for a job when they leave full time education.

What is the Appleby Academy?

The Appleby Academy is an exciting programme run by Appleby in partnership with Junior Achievement. Over the course of the 12 week programme, and with the help from an Appleby mentor, students present their ideas on how they would meet a particular business challenge for the chance to win a paid, summer placement with Appleby.

The Academy is aimed at upper sixth form students and seeks to give young people real life experience of working with an international organisation.

A report template is provided once you have signed up to the academy and it is then your role to put forward the best solution to one of these problems.

Each report will be evaluated by a team of markers and the top three reports will be chosen for the next step, a presentation to the judging panel. The three finalists will be invited to Appleby’s office on Athol Street, Douglas to present their ideas to the Panel for the opportunity to win a six week paid summer work placement with Appleby.

View last years final below.

Our Mission

  • To offer a business related challenge geared to educating and inspiring year 13 students to develop their commercial acumen.
  • This programme will be supported by Appleby mentors who will help to foster innovation, leadership skills, creativity and self-confidence.

Our Vision

To empower students on the Isle of Man to become business minded by engaging them in real life business challenges designed to:

  • Develop business acumen and communication skills
  • Discover the challenges and rewards of the work place
  • Instil confidence to lead in a global environment

Why register?

With more and more young people going to university or applying for placements than ever before, school leavers and graduates need something extra to stand out from the crowd to potential employers.

Real life work experience is important whether you want to stay on in education or join the world of work. It shows that you have thought about what you want to do and that you have an idea of what working life is like.

It will also give you a good opportunity to gain useful skills and experience working with a range of people from all sorts of different backgrounds, all key factors which universities and employers will be looking for in your CV or UCAS form.

What is required?

You will work with your Appleby mentor to solve one of the Appleby business problems.

By a particular set deadline you will be required to submit your business solution to your dedicated mentor who, in conjunction with the markers, will select three finalists to present to the judging panel consisting of Appleby partners and guests.

Each individual student who completes the entire programme will receive a certificate of recognition from Junior Achievement. The winning student will be awarded a paid, summer placement with Appleby (Isle of Man) LLC. All three finalists will also receive a gift from Appleby for taking part in the Academy.

It is not the intention of Appleby to use any ideas generated by students taking part in this scheme for its own financial gain. In the event that Appleby wishes to use a student’s business idea as a part of its strategic plan, recognition will be provided in the form of a reference letter.

The Appleby Academy could help you to:

  • Understand the everyday realities of working life
  • Find out about your own abilities, your strengths and weaknesses
  • Communicate well with all sorts of different people
  • Take charge of your own future

The Appleby Summer Placement explained

The winning student will be awarded with a paid work placement scheme at Appleby for the duration of the summer holiday, an experience that will aim to provide you with an insight into the workplace of an international organisation.

The scheme will last for six to ten weeks (depending on the availability of the student concerned) and will give exposure to all areas of the business. Its structure will be agreed between you and Appleby to ensure both get the most value from the experience. You will be anchored to the marketing department who will help you to manage your workload which could include projects within the following business areas:

  • The legal industry Appleby is divided into four key practice areas, Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Private Client & Trusts and Property. You could spend time divided between each area where you will have the opportunity to work alongside Appleby lawyers on real life case scenarios. A trainee lawyer will be assigned as your mentor and will be available to assist where required.
  • Marketing and business development The marketing team will provide you with an insight into the world of business development and marketing communications. Working alongside the marketing executive you will be required to assist with on-going marketing projects including event management, business development, advertising and communication, promotions, merchandise and planning among others.
  • Accounting and resource management Appleby’s accounts team will give you an insight into the financial control of the business. Here you will work alongside the financial controller and partners to gain valuable experience for those looking for a career in the accounting profession.
  • Compliance and procedures Our compliance team will work with you to gain an understanding of the compliance issues that an international business faces on a regular basis.
  • Information technology and communications IT and communications are a key part of any business. Working with our IT department you will have the opportunity to build key skills and knowledge of the computers, software and hardware that runs an international business.
  • Human resources and facilities management The key to a successful organisation is its people and you could spend time with our HR department to develop your people and communication skills. This experience will also include an insight into the logistics involved in managing the firm including facilities, buildings maintenance and deliveries.

At the end of the placement you will be required to document the experience and provide thoughts and suggestions on ways it could be improved for future students. In exchange Appleby will provide a written reference which can be used for future employment opportunities or in further education applications.

How do I register?

You can register online by clicking here.

Registration closes on Friday 4th October 2019.

Or complete this application form and send it addressed to:

Sue Cook
Junior Achievement Isle of Man
Suite 2
Peterson House
Middle River Industrial Estate

Already registered? Useful resources can be found here

If you would like to register your interest or would like to give feedback on the Appleby Academy please e-mail Roberta Pidgeon

On successful application please use one of the Appleby Academy business scenarios in your report. Report guidelines can be found here.