Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Appleby’s Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution team is adept at dealing with arbitration, mediation and all other means of alternative dispute resolution. We are used to drafting and advising on the meaning and effect of dispute resolution clauses in all types of commercial contracts, the conduct of arbitrations around the world, legal proceedings in aid of arbitration and the enforcement of arbitral awards.

Arbitration has over the past decade become an increasingly popular means of resolving commercial disputes, delivering a binding and internationally enforceable decision. Our expert lawyers are familiar with all the major arbitration conventions and rules, and can also conduct ad hoc arbitrations under rules of the parties’ own devising. We are able to help our clients achieve cost-effective and commercial outcomes in resolving disputes independently of traditional forms of litigation.

Choosing to resolve a dispute using arbitration brings the benefit not only of confidentiality but also of flexible timetables, while minimising the scope for jurisdictional challenges, satellite litigation and successive appeals. Appleby’s team helps clients to select the right dispute resolution method and then provides advice on strategy and tactics as well as representation, always taking account of other potential means of resolution such as expert determination, adjudication, and early neutral evaluation.

We also assist parties in negotiating a resolution of their disputes via mediation, either advising and representing clients or acting as the mediator to facilitate a negotiated resolution.

Beyond providing technical legal guidance, we deliver our advice in the context of deep industry knowledge spanning a variety of sectors. Members of our team are deeply experienced in working on behalf of the world’s leading investment banks, financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, trust companies, local governments, insurance companies and high net worth individuals – all of whom have an increasing interest in and demand for alternative methods and processes to resolve their disputes.