Appleby is counsel to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) in various jurisdictions and provides offshore legal advice to banks, prime brokers and other clients on netting and collateral issues relating to:

  • Credit derivatives;
  • Equity derivatives (including corporate equity derivatives);
  • Fund derivatives;
  • Commodity derivatives;
  • Fixed Income derivatives;
  • GMRA and GMSLA transactions or any transaction which involves bi-lateral or multi-lateral netting arrangements; and
  • Prime brokerage structures involving Cayman counterparties.

Appleby also advises on local law issues relating to entering into such transactions including security or collateral provisions, the impact of the Dodd Frank ISDA Protocol, amendments to be made to the transaction documents to comply with local law, local licensing, registration and insolvency laws relating to the local counterparty.