AML/CFT Compliance

Entities licensed in Mauritius are required to maintain and adhere to adequate compliance and anti-money laundering laws and policies. ARC can help you prepare AML/CFT policies tailored to your business, or review existing policies to ensure that they meet current requirements. In addition to ensuring that the right policies are in place, we can assist with an audit and gap analysis, to ensure that systems and processes are actually meeting the needs of your business. We are approved by the Mauritius Qualification Authority and may provide training to your staff and officers so as to update you when there are changes to the law, regulations or applicable deadlines.

FIU and FSC Solutions

FIU and FSC impose regulatory and reporting obligations on many Mauritian entities. ARC can assist with reviewing your existing processes, advising on the configuration of your reports, and ensuring that you have the right appointments in place for compliance.

Economic Substance Analysis and Compliance

The economic substance legislation requires that entities conducting relevant activities must have a certain level of presence in Mauritius. ARC can assist you with determining whether or not you have compliance obligations, and our legal and regulatory experts can help you with all aspects of compliance.

Privacy and Data Protection

There are now data protection laws in more than 120 countries around the world. Data is commonly viewed as one of the most valuable commodities in today’s global digital economy. Protecting those assets is understandably a priority for governments, businesses and individuals alike. The increasing complexity of regulation and the meteoric rise of technology, together with cyber security concerns and international data sharing regimes make the protection and use of data more complex than ever before. ARC can assist with data protection policies, audits, gap analysis and systems configuration. Responding to data subject access requests requires advanced planning, and we can help you prepare and respond in a timely and efficient manner.

Corporate Regulatory Services

Entities in Mauritius face a minefield of filing requirements, deadlines, and time-sensitive demands. ARC can assist in configuring your internal policies and procedures to align with regulatory filing obligations, ensuring that your business can meet all of its obligations painlessly. Emerging sectors, such as virtual asset and initial token offering service providers, are entering a regulatory landscape that is evolving quickly and constantly. ARC can help you prepare not just for what your business needs to do today, but for what is likely to come tomorrow.

Regulatory Enforcement and Contentious Matters

FIU and other competent authorities are empowered to undertake audits of businesses, order remediation objectives and impose fines for regulatory and AML breaches. ARC’s legal experts can assist with negotiations with these authorities and to advise on your best defence.

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