In part, this is due to the difficulty of agreeing on and applying domestic dispute resolution processes to international transactions. It is also in part due to the (sometimes real and sometimes perceived) benefits that attach to international arbitration such as its expediency, flexibility and confidentiality. Indeed, transactions that would otherwise not be pursued by parties can be entered into with some comfort due to the inclusion of international arbitration in the event of a dispute.

Working within international arbitration is a necessity for any dispute resolution practitioner, especially working with clients who conduct international business or domestic business with international counterparts.
International arbitration is also a very exciting and often demanding area in which to practise. In addition to issues directly related to the dispute, there are often unique issues relating to the arbitration such as complex choice of law determinations, applicable arbitration rules and evidentiary considerations as well as tricky enforcement and annulment conscripts which do not arise in domestic or other types of dispute resolution. This demands a high degree of responsiveness, adaptability and creativity and allows for a varied, and often fun, work experience.

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