Alliance of BVI Professional Services Businesses commits USD 100,000 in joint donation to rebuild the BVI after Hurricane Irma

8 January2018


The Alliance of BVI Professional Services Businesses has announced that it will be making a USD100,000 joint donation to support humanitarian relief work in the British Virgin Islands' (BVI) territory.

The Group, comprised of 19 professional services firms who practice or have offices in the BVI, is making a joint initial contribution of USD 50,000 to Adopt a Roof and USD 50,000 to the BVI Foundation. The funds will be used to support the ongoing humanitarian relief effort to rebuild the BVI and restore the Islands to their former state, following the passage of Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Alliance of BVI Professional Services Businesses spokesperson, Rachael McDonald, said: “This has been an unprecedented time, and everyone in the BVI has been affected. The speed of recovery and action by the BVI has been remarkable so far, and those on the ground have demonstrated extraordinary resilience. Good progress has been made already, and we’re expecting this to continue over the coming months.

“Our priority is the welfare of the Islands and the people who call the BVI their home; the recovery efforts are estimated to cost around USD3.5bn, so we will continue efforts to raise further monies.”

Spokesperson for Adopt a Roof, Aurelie Legangneux, said: "Following the destruction caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria this year, Adopt a Roof was set up to help local people left vulnerable with little money and no insurance. We are extremely grateful to the Alliance for contributing this sum of money as it will bring hope to so many families and individuals. We can carry on buying materials and paying the island's qualified builders to rebuild damaged homes."

The Group will also be contributing towards the BVI Foundation and the funds will be used to purchase, ship and erect modular containers as temporary housing on land made available to the Foundation in Baughers Bay and BCQS.

Chair of the BVI Foundation, Dr Annelise Wilkins, said: "It became very apparent, while working clinically and in the co-ordination of medical relief to the islands, that significant issues relating to the health and welfare of the population required urgent attention. By providing safe and secure housing, this will enable families to progress from focusing on ‘survival’ to being ‘functional’."

Individually the Alliance members are also supporting other appeals as well as carrying out their own relief and recovery efforts.



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