This is not a U.S. issue. It is a human rights issue. People around the world are impacted by racism, discrimination and injustices, every single day.

As a firm committed to equality, inclusion and diversity, Appleby stands in solidarity with our black colleagues, neighbors, communities, family and friends. Appleby steadfastly supports the elimination of systemic racism in all forms, in all areas.

Appleby is committed to cultivating a culture where every single member feels they belong and has an equal voice and an equal access to opportunities. Racial equality and all aspects of diversity matter.

We need to respect and celebrate our differences. Help each other out. Lift each other up. Wish each other success as we are stronger together.

As we are immensely saddened by these recent tragedies, we all need to do our part to create racial equality and a better world.

Together we will make a difference.

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