On Friday 10 October eight Appleby staff members swapped their business attire for dive suits and participated with Off the Wall Divers in a volunteer effort to recover live coral that had been dislodged by a cruise ship anchor in August. The divers spent their afternoon participating in the highly publicised restoration project, named Cayman Magic Reef Recovery.

Bryan Hunter, Managing Partner said, “Volunteering enables our employees to contribute their time knowledge and skills to make a difference in the community we live in and I am delighted that we were able to round off the week by making such a positive contribution to this very important recovery project.”

The Cayman Magic Reef Recovery project has been launched in an effort to restore a section of reef damaged by a cruise ship anchor. It will run for several months and involves divers removing rubble from across 12,000 square feet. Over 8,000 pounds of rubble has already been removed from the damaged reef since the start of the restoration project four weeks ago.

Traci Brummet, Appleby, who organised the dive, added: “Filling and carrying the crates of rubble at depths of 60 feet and deeper is slow moving, but soon the reef will be in a state where reattaching rescued coral to the reef using marine epoxy can begin. The benefits of everyone’s efforts won’t be realised for some time to come but we’re delighted to have been involved in such a worthwhile project. The determination seen from other divers and dive operations, who are also volunteering their time and resources, is amazing.”

Appleby thanks Thomas Shropshire of Off the Wall Divers for donating his time, boat and dive equipment, making this effort possible.

For further information please contact:

Nasaria Budal

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