How did you come to choose a career in re/insurance?

My original plan was to be a corporate lawyer. I became interested in insurance law, as a specialism over and above general corporate law, after joining Appleby. I joined the Appleby Training Programme in 2019, which is great because it exposes trainees to several areas of law during four six-month rotations in various departments.

That said, I discovered my interest in insurance law within the first couple months. With the passage of time, and now having been with the firm for over three years, I have found that the work is becoming more interesting. Experience is needed to understand certain concepts and fully appreciate how novel deals are.

What makes the re/insurance industry attractive to young professionals?

Aside from the potential rewards working in the re/insurance industry, there is a sense of doing good for Bermuda. Often insurance lawyers are the first point of contact for business coming in. I think that this point can be overlooked.

The re/insurance industry is attractive to young professionals given the potential career growth, transferability of skills and ability to work overseas if desired.

The work culture is energetic—yes, even law firms. I can only speak to my experience working with colleagues and clients, but the priority is to get the work done and get it done well, with no unnecessary formalities, while staying positive and trying to have fun.

What are the opportunities and challenges you’ve faced?

The greatest challenge has been learning about the insurance industry, as a lawyer. While in law school I was able to focus my studies on corporate/commercial law, there was no “insurance law” module available. Thus, my learning about insurance (law) started upon returning to Bermuda.

The style of learning is different; I have found most of my learning about the industry is by doing or word of mouth. In contrast to law school, there are far fewer textbooks available. Aside from reading the law or about previous deals, I rely on Appleby management, mentors and clients for learning in a fast-paced environment.

The best opportunity is definitely exposure to high-profile re/insurance deals involving Bermuda re/insurers. Exposure is limited only by the number of hours you are willing to work in a day.

What differences does your generation bring to the industry?

Our generation is adaptable given our experience with technological advancements during our lifetime. However, there is something to be said as to adaptability for all working adults during COVID-19. We have learned to be more flexible and creative as a result.

What are your career goals?

At this stage, to learn as much as possible, then decide what to do with it later. I make decisions on a six-month basis.

If you had chosen a different career, what would it have been?

Probably a journalist—I love information-gathering/story-telling, or a writer for TV drama.

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